Address: 80 W. Madison Avenue, Dumont, New Jersey 07628
Phone: 201-244-3920
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Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am-4:30pm


Rachel Bunin (term exp. 12/31/21)
Tom Fisichella (term exp. 12/31/18)
Tanya Zimmerman (term exp. 12/31/20)
Abbie Slaman (term exp. 12/31/22)
Raymond Slaman (term exp. 12/31/19)
Sally Tayeb (term exp. 12/31/20)
Carole Stewart, Council Liaison (term exp. 12/31/19)

Meeting Schedule - 2019

January 14
February 11
March 18
April 15
May 20
June 17 (Gazebo)
July 15 (Gazebo)
August 19
September 16
October 21
November 19
December 17

* All meetings will be held at the Dumont Senior Center, 39 Dumont Avenue, at 7:30pm ,with the exception of the June & July meetings which will be held at the West Shore Arboretumat 7:30pm


March 4th - Shade Tree Seminar
April 27th - Arbor Day

Tree Removal Permit Requirement

The Borough of Dumont has passed an amendment to the Shade Tree ordinance that requires a permit before ANY tree can be removed within the Borough, effective September 20, 2013. This ordinance applies to all trees, be they on private property or on public right of way. Before ANY tree can be removed, the homeowner or contractor will need to secure a permit from the Building Department for a fee of $25.00.

Mission Statement & Summary of DSTC Activities

"Caring for Trees Today, Planting Trees for Tomorrow"

The Dumont Shade Tree Commission is committed to promote a sustainable and productive community forest and shade tree resource that will subsequently improve the quality of life for the residents of the Borough of Dumont.

Formally established by Ordinance in 2007, the DSTC is an active participant in the New Jersey Community Forestry Program. Our NJ Forestry Service Approved Management Plan includes multiple CSIP Target Activities, meeting annual training requirements, and special CORE Training for at least one municipal and one Volunteer participant. Please click on the below link to view the 2011-2015 Community Forestry Management Plan.

The 2008 Dumont Shade Tree Ordinance for Public Lands is the first formal regulation of Shade Trees in Dumont. The ordinance outlines definitions for ownership of a tree, the Right of Way, responsibilities and rights of the Borough and Property Owners regarding trees on Public Lands. In addition, in the event of an emergency or other public threat, the ordinance outlines the Borough's right to act with regard to trees on Private Land.

Why Dumont Shade Trees Are Important

  • Shade to cool our homes and streets
  • Flowers, Leaves & Fall Color
  • Peace and Serenity
  • Clean Air & Less Ozone
  • Reduced Rain Water Run-Off
  • Safety through intelligent maintenance
  • Better Local Business Streetscape
  • Higher Property Values (but not higher taxes!)

Get Involved!

Street Tree Survey

A great way to contribute your community volunteer hours and learn about our street trees for Scouts, Ecology Groups, and interested neighbors who want to improve their streetscape. Computer Geeks welcome to help set up iTree, the new US Forestry Service software that can predict such things as oxygen production and reduction in rainwater runoff.

Adopt-A-Tree Program

Free Street Trees planted in the Right Of Way (along the road), in exchange for the home owner's commitment to water the tree for at least 3 years and to watch out for it to prevent damage from cars, mowers, etc. A selection of trees is available for Small (under 25') Medium (25'-50') and Large (Over 50') site conditions. See the Adopt-A-Tree plantings at the Dumont Shade Tree Arboretum on West Shore Avenue along the railroad tracks. Applications for Spring Planting are due by the last day of January. Applications for Fall Planting are due by the last day of July.

Shade Tree Commission Agendas, Minutes, & Other Downloads

Where Does It Meet?

39 Dumont Avenue, Dumont, NJ

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