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Dumont childrenDumont is home – a sometimes sleepy, sometimes busy and hopping hometown to people from all walks of life. There are teachers and plumbers, grocery clerks and printers, business commuters and local police officers, senior citizens and toddlers, people who jog, people who ride, people who have lived here for years, and newcomers, all finding it easy to call Dumont "home".

Dumont is a New Jersey town, though often described as a suburb of New York City, snuggled in northeastern Bergen County. Dumont has history–the early Dutch settlers and Camp Merritt of World War I fame have seen to that. Dumont has a main business district, with little business areas and stores sprinkled throughout the rest of the town. The parks are numerous and clean. The schools are among the best in the county. Places of worship welcome all. The Fire Department, Ambulance Corps, the Department of Public Works, and Police Department are concerned and caring and wonderfully dependable. Dumont is a home town to love and live in with pride.

Dumont Day activitiesTake a walk on a summer day. The parks are bustling with young parents and their little ones; the ice cream man calls you by name; the street cleaners are out with their big whooshes; the local pool produces splashes of laughter. In the fall the parks are lively with soccer games; the high school football team kicks off with the band cheering it on; Mother Nature turns the landscape into gold. In winter there is a wonderful hush with the first silver white snowfall. Then the sledders are out in their snowsuit bundles with pink noses peeking out from beneath furry hoods. The stores and homes are decorated for the winter holidays and boots and snow shovels and slushy sidewalks fill the days. Spring arrives with those incredible yellow-green buds on the trees. Dogwoods and azaleas, crocuses and tulips announce the beginning of baseball in the parks. The schoolchildren are playing outside now and their shouts and noise bring smiles to senior citizens and parents, happy to open windows to the spring sunshine.

Dumont is home to people of many languages, many faiths, many cultures. But Dumont is an American hometown, with flags unfurled at many homes, block parties, and barbecues, kindergarten and eighth grade graduations, neighbors helping neighbors, and parades with half the town marching and the other half cheering. Dumont’s heritage is its people, and they leave a lasting impression.

- from Dumont Update: 1969-1994, by Carole Stewart