Chairman: Graeme Dutkowsky
Vice Chairman: Gino Zilocchi

Board Secretary: Rebecca Vazquez
Clerk: William Paige


Damon Englese, Mayor's Designee, Class I (term exp. 12/31/22)
Nicola Attanasio, Class II (term exp. 12/31/22)
George Harvilla, Councilman Class III (term exp. 12/31/22)
Kenneth Armellino, Class IV (term exp. 12/31/22)
Graeme Dutkowsky, Class IV (term exp. 12/31/23)
Ken Melamed, Class IV (term exp. 12/31/24)
Alfred Moriarty, Class IV (term exp. 12/31/22)
Andrew Warta, Class IV (term exp. 12/31/24)
Gino Zilocchi, Class IV (term exp. 12/31/23)

Jim Savage, Alt. #1 (term exp. 12/31/22)
Kevin Grom, Alt. #2 (term exp. 12/31/22)
Carl Manna, Alt. #3 (term exp. 12/31/23)
Jimmy Chae, Alt. #4 (term exp. 12/31/23)

Meeting Schedule

The Joint Land Use Board meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm.

The January 18, 2022 Joint Land Use Board will be held virtually on WebEx at
If you cannot attend the meeting via computer or app, you can join by phone 650-479-3208 by using access code 1266155915.

January 18, 2022 Agenda

Joint Land Use Board Procedures

Joint Land Use Board Agendas, Minutes, and other Downloads