Dumont Recreation Commission Meeting
The December meeting of the Board of Recreation Commissioners will be Wednesday, December 1st at 7:00pm in the 3rd floor conference room at Borough Hall.  Please wear a mask.


Chairman: Eugene Godlewski (term exp. 12/31/23)
Don Morrell (term exp. 12/31/22)
Eruis Rival (term exp. 12/31/23)
Brian Joyce (term exp. 12/31/24)
Kyle Lezette (term exp. 12/31/24)
Paul Shoyinka (term exp. 12/31/25)
Jeff DeVito (term exp. 12/31/25)
Joanie Diore, Alt. #1 (term exp. 12/31/22)
Brian Harris, Alt. #2 (term exp. 12/31/21)
Conor Gorman, Council Liaison

Recreation Commissioner Assignments

Eugene Godlewski   Board of Education, Mayor & Council Meetings, Finance
Don Morrell            Girls Softball, Summer Basketball, Personnel
Brian Joyce            Soccer, Boys Recreation Basketball, Middle School Softball
Kyle Lezette           Football, Baseball, Middle School Baseball, Park Security
Jeff Devito             Men’s Softball, Boys Travel Basketball, Jeff DeVito, By- Laws , Summer Recreation
Paul Shoyinka         Track & Field, Girls Basketball
Joanie Diore           Competition Cheering, Football Cheering, Social Media, Summer  Recreation
Brian Harris             Roller Hockey, Wrestling, Flag Football

Mission Statement

The Dumont Board of Recreation Commissioners is committed to maintaining or improving the quality of life within the Borough of Dumont by providing high quality, cost-effective recreation, sports, and entertainment programs for the benefit of all residents of the Borough of Dumont.

Vision Statement

The Dumont Board of Recreation Commissioners will work proactively and together as a team with all league officers and the Mayor and Council to insure the quality of every program within the Borough of Dumont. It is the purpose of the Recreation Commission that programs will be provided for all age groups within the Borough and that no resident is excluded from any program.

Meeting Schedule

The Board meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm, unless otherwise noted.  There is no meeting in the month of August, 2021.

Location to meetings to be determined. Please check for updates on the website.

Recreation Board Agendas, Minutes & Other Downloads