Gerry Aponte, Chairman (term exp. 12/31/19)
Eugene Godlewski, Vice Chairman (term exp. 12/31/21)
Don Morrell (term exp. 12/31/22)
Christopher Snell (term exp. 12/31/19)
Dino Kostantakis (term exp. 12/31/20)
                        (term exp. 12/31/20)
                        (term exp. )
Michael Prulello, Alt. #1 (term exp. 12/31/22)
Jeff DeVito, Alt. #2 (term exp. 12/31/21)
Carole Stewart, Council Liaison

Recreation Commissioner Assignments

                       - Mayor and Council Meetings
Gerry Aponte - BOE Liaison, Parks & Playgrounds, New Programs
Dino Kostantakis - Wrestling, Girls Basketball, Mens/Ladies Softball
Eugene Godlewski - Junior Football, Football Cheering, Competition Cheering, Flag Football, Boys Recreation & Travel Basketball
Christopher Snell - Soccer, Volley Ball, Track, Celebrations
                         - Girls Softball, Coaching Certification, Summer Camp
                         - Little League Senior Baseball, Roller Hockey, Summer Camp

Mission Statement

The Dumont Board of Recreation Commissioners is committed to maintaining or improving the quality of life within the Borough of Dumont by providing high quality, cost-effective recreation, sports, and entertainment programs for the benefit of all residents of the Borough of Dumont.

Vision Statement

The Dumont Board of Recreation Commissioners will work proactively and together as a team with all league officers and the Mayor and Council to insure the quality of every program within the Borough of Dumont. It is the purpose of the Recreation Commission that programs will be provided for all age groups within the Borough and that no resident is excluded from any program.

Meeting Schedule

As of January 1, 2017 the Board meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

All meetings will be held at the Dumont Senior Center, 39 Dumont Avenue, Dumont, NJ.

Recreation Board Agendas, Minutes & Other Downloads

Where Does It Meet?


39 Dumont Avenue, Dumont, NJ