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Donna Pleus, Board President (term exp.3/31/2024)

Catherine Romeo, Registrar
Jodie Delehanty, Deputy Registrar
Doreen Aponte, Council Liaison 
Kathleen Molina (term exp. 3/31/23)
Kenneth Menezes (term exp. 3/31/2025)
Ada Aguilar (term exp. 3/31/24)
Gillian Menezes (term exp. 3/31/25)
James Armstrong (term exp. 3/31/26)


Meeting Schedule

The Board of Health meets at 7:00PM in the Municipal Building
Meeting dates for 2023 are 3/1, 6/7, 9/6, and 12/6.


Board of Health Agendas, Minutes, & Other Downloads

Where Does It Meet?

50 Washington Ave- 3rd Floor conference room