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Q: Can you recommend a carpenter or home improvement person to me so that I can have some property maintenance or property repairs performed?

A: No. We cannot recommend anyone to you. However, for your convenience we can provide you a list of locally licensed contractors but please know that persons and companies on the list are not required to satisfy any minimum standards of skill, education, or experience. You should exercise due diligence and always request references from your contractor.

Q: May I request that the contractor show me his license?

A: Absolutely. You should also request proof of insurance. In the event that your contractor cannot produce a contractor license or proof of insurance please contact the Code Enforcement Office to report the contractor s name and other information that may be useful for enforcement purposes.

Q: If I make a complaint abut a particular property or person, does my name or written complaint become public record?

A: In most cases, unless there is an active criminal investigation, your complaint is a public record and may be released upon request to persons who request a copy.

Q: My neighbor and I are having a dispute regarding the boundary line of our properties. Who can I call in town hall to help me?

A: Boundary disputes are personal legal matters and are not within the jurisdiction of the municipality (Note: Unless a municipal boundary is the subject of the problem). You should consult an attorney or your title company to assist you.

Q: My neighbors park vehicles on their front lawn. Is this allowed?

A: According to Borough ordinance, "No person shall park, stop or stand any motor vehicle, or permit or suffer the same to be done, in any front yard area of any dwelling building except on driveways and parking areas located, constructed and installed in compliance with applicable Borough ordinances." [Amended 11-23-2010 by Ord. No. 1424]