Public Notice: The Governing Body of the Borough of Dumont will hold their November 20, 2023 meeting in the 3rd Floor Council Chambers at the Dumont Municipal Complex located at 50 Washington Avenue. Closed Session will begin at 6:00 p.m., followed by the public portion of the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Formal action shall be taken.

Jeanine E. Siek, RMC
Municipal Clerk

Please note that there will be no garbage pick-up on New Year's Day, Monday, January 1st.  Garbage pick-up will resume on the next scheduled day, Thursday, January 4th.

In addition, the DPW Department will be closed on Monday, January 1st.  If you have a sewer emergency, please contact the Dumont Police Department at 201-387-5000.

From our family to yours, Have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

In response to the letter from the Borough Attorney of Dumont, the Borough of Haworth has postponed the adoption of any change to the zoning of the lot adjacent to Massachusetts Avenue.  This was confirmed by the Haworth Clerk/Administrator.

It is still listed on the 10/24/23 meeting under Unfinished Business, but not identified for adoption.

"5.  Dumont Borough Attorney's Letter and Haworth Borough Attorney's Memo RE: Ordinance 23-22 Amendment to Chapter 26 Land Use Regulations"

A discussion may take place on the topic but it should not result in any action.

The Borough of Dumont is requesting a meeting with Haworth to discuss the rezoning and the project.

This topic will be updated as we know more information.

After being informed of the pending development immediately adjacent to our border, Dumont informed the Borough of Haworth of our objection to move forward with the re-zoning of the property along Massachusetts Avenue. 

Haworth still has this item on the agenda of their next Council meeting on October 24th .  

Dumont is discussing the best way to protect the interests of the Borough with our legal counsel. The Governing Body has been advised not to speak on the issue until legal counsel has addressed it. 

Any meetings that were discussed/planned for Monday October 23rd cannot be held on advice of counsel.  

We will update the Dumont website as more information becomes available.

-Borough of Dumont