Due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis, Dumont Recreation has been postponed; all non-essential public meetings have been postponed; Dumont Borough Hall and Police Station will have limited access to the public; the Dumont Dixon Library, DPW building, parks, and Senior Center are closed to the public. To find more information and updates, please visit https://covid19.nj.gov

Many of you have been following information about the tracking of the Coronavirus in the newspaper and on television. You may have been reading about a lawyer from Westchester, New York who has contracted the Coronavirus.  It turns out that his son also tested positive and attends Yeshiva University. It has been brought to our attention that the son of one of our employees works as a security guard at Yeshiva University. We have no reason to believe that the guard had any direct contact with the Yeshiva student. Neither the employee nor the son are symptomatic or showing any signs of illness. We have been in contact with the employee, the Department of Health, and our school physician for guidance and are following their advice on this matter. Although we are told that this situation is far removed we encourage you to be vigilant, to follow the protective guidelines posted from the CDC and visit your doctor if you become symptomatic.  Please continue to visit the Coronavirus Information Updates section under the Quick Links column on the right side of the district website for any updates: http://www.dumontnj.org/

The district continues to be proactive in monitoring this situation closely, and will follow the recommendations provided by the New Jersey Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. As part of our routine cleaning practices during the flu season, “high touch” areas, will be sanitized on a regular basis. These surfaces include, but are not limited to, desks, countertops, and faucet handles. We are also checking our hand sanitizer stations to ensure that they are full and replenished regularly.