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Affordable Housing & D'Angelo Farms Information

Affordable Housing / Builder's Remedy: Facts & FAQs (2/2/16) Tuesday, 02 February 2016 Q: What is a builder's remedy lawsuit and how does it function? A: A builder's remedy is a court-imposed remedy for a litigant who is an individual or profit-making entity in which the court requires a municipality to utilize zoning techniques such as mandatory set-asides or density bonuses which provide for the economic viability of a residential development which is not for low and moderate income households. A developer is entitled to a builder's remedy if (1) it succeeds in Mount Laurel litigation;... More detail
D'Angelo Farms Development: Facts & FAQs (3/18/14) Tuesday, 18 March 2014 Q: Does the Borough have the option to purchase the D'Angelo's property? A: The Borough was never offered the opportunity to acquire the property. The owners have apparently entered into a contract to sell the property to a private developer. A party that knowingly interferes in an existing contract can be held liable for damages, including punitive damages far in excess of the actual value of the contract, for such interference. Q: Does the Borough have the power to prevent the property from being... More detail