Dumont Community Group Events

Dumont Community Group hosts:

DUMONT'S 1st TOWN WIDE GARAGE SALE - Saturday, 10/6/2018 (rain date - October 7th)
Registration will be held at Dumont Community Group meetings, Dumont 5K, and Dumont Day. Registration fee is $15 which is payable to Dumont Community Group.

Your address will be added to a town-wide map which is distributed to the public. You will also receive a certificate of registration from our organization.

The Borough of Dumont Building Department will be sent all address registered. If you are not logged with the DCG or have a permit from the Borough of Dumont, you will be subject to a fine.

Please download the form from our website listed below, and mail it in or drop it off at one of our events.

Visit us at www.facebook.com/DumontCG