Environmental Commission


Craig Grothues, Chairman (term exp. 12/31/15)
Michael Affrunti (term exp. 12/31/17)
Kenneth Armellino (term exp. 12/31/17)
Dan Harrison (term exp. 12/31/15)
Scott Johnson (term exp. 12/31/16)
Barbara Correa, Council Liaison (term exp. 12/31/16)
Seymour Berkowitz, Alt. #1 (term exp. 12/31/16)

Meeting Schedule

The 2017 Environmental Commission meeting dates have not been scheduled.


Mission Statement

The Dumont Environmental Commission is dedicated to making our town a safe, visually pleasing, and inviting place to live. It is the aim of the commission to encourage, educate, and lead by example the citizens of Dumont to be good stewards of the environment.

It functions in an advisory capacity, working closely with the Shade Tree Commission, Joint Land Use Board, and the Mayor and Council. The Commission makes recommendations concerning open space preservation, energy conservation, water and air pollution, soil and landscape protection, and protection of local flora and fauna. The Commission works with and educates its local youth, and strives to ensure a good quality of life for all residents by keeping our borough clean and green.

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Where Does It Meet?

39 Dumont Avenue, Dumont, NJ

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